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Hey guys! It's been awhile since my last update. I've been working strong and seems everything is lining up the way they should, albeit all at once! First things first I was accepted into The Fl3tcher Exhibit! A show about socially and politically charged art. There are three of ETSU's best (Including myself) displaying in the show this year. If you haven't had the chance to check it out! My piece "Demonization" will be there: MON-FRI (9AM-4PM)OCT. 9 - DEC. 15, 2017 THE FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT AT REECE MUSEUM MON-FRI (9AM-4:30PM).


Also on OCT. 26, 2017 Juror Anita Kunz will give a guest lecture 5-6 PM with the reception and awards ceremony following immediately after.I'm extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity that was given to me! So to give back the first five people to take a picture, post then tag me with my work will be sent a small 4"x 7" drawing! Anytime between now and the closing in Dec will be great!

Next even more great news! This year I'm participating in Inktober 2017 and looking to finish! There will also be an added bonus. This year I'm looking to create my first art book out of my 31 day Inktober challenge! If you have no idea what Inktober is, it is a 31 day art challenge to draw one ink piece (Draw, paint) everyday until the end of October.


Inktober was created by an Illustrator named Jake Parker in 2003 who wanted to better his inking skills. Of course now it's one of the largest art challenges recognized by millions. Since I'm an ink artist I have to take the challenge and beast through it!

Although if that wasn't enough stress, I want to bind my drawings into a limited run art book. Upside, is I can sell my book and provide my work at a feasible cost to others who can't afford an original. Downside, is getting rid of all the books once they're here! The second con is definitely funding. I want the art book to have a tactile surface, resemble my art to a greater extent and be unique in feel and aesthetic to stand out among a pile of books. This wont be cheap. I estimate with all the options for a small run will be around $700 USD!


That's a lot to money to shell out for not knowing I might not have profit later. Which means I've reworked my Patreon account in hopes someone could help me achieve something greater for myself and give you sweet, sweet art things! I'm really working hard on this book and want it to come through. if it does then I 'll do one every year! But, that's putting the horse before the cart.


My Patreon will have various amazing rewards and options that all benefit you! If things get off the ground with my Patreon I will be able to enter more shows, make more work and eventually start on some crazy amazing projects I have in mind coming up!

All in all this is a really trying time and I would like your support in all my future projects, the ones I'm working on now and honesty even your advice about what I should do or if its super right (Or wrong!). But, I will keep you guys posted on everything that is coming up and hopefully we'll see more of each in shorter time frames! I see you guys soon!

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