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First post of the new year! Hey guys, I hope 2018 has been treating you well! I've been busy as always and I plan to work up to through to the future. I thought back during college and after graduation, how difficult it was for me to understand the art world. It seemed like an analogous beast that only people in large cities or a hefty amount of income can comprehend. Honestly, it still feels that way. Trends change, markets are based around old masters and criteria for the business aspect is a bit lost during the art making process.

It's not like my instructors in university didn't teach on the aspects. I appreciate them very much and highly respect their opinions today. However, I felt as if I needed to understand the significance of the business prior to graduating. The point of an art career is to generate income. Now, your thinking, "Oh no, Jonathan has lost his mind! He has a stock image of people in a meeting and he's going to try and sell me something I don't want!". No.

I want to find who has been having problems with the market. Who has problems understanding what sells and what doesn't. Should I find another career instead of a studio practice? Should I focus around generating income? Why can't I find a show that's reasonably priced or something to jump start my career? Now the here comes the kicker; I want to start a non-profit... at the very least an artist collective.

A program free of charge that gathers resources and services to emerging or mid-career artists. Can you imagine if a program shows you how to formulate a grant, write a proposal or help with exhibiting your work? I want to make this a reality. I spent a long time learning to create my work. I love my practice, but always feel I fall short unless I scrap to find something and blow tons of money. Below I've listed a survey to ask a few questions on what you might want out of an organization.

The organization I have in mind will transition you from your time in academia, or a self taught practice into real world experience. Allowing for a prepared business practice, and higher probabilities of being successful. There's almost no direct hands on help on the east coast. There exists few websites that assist in this transition, however they are sparse and extremely pricey. I ask that you kindly take the survey below, tell me of your interests, how could an arts organization help directly and what an ideal organization is. Thanks guys, I'll be keeping you updated on the progress of this in the near future!


First post of the new year! I'm hoping all of you are having a wonderful 2018

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