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If your feeling lazy or if your worlds upside down...


Just let it be. It's hard to say that to most people. If your feeling lazy just be lazy. If your world is upside down, stop and do nothing. That's probably the worst advice aside from 1970's investors saying "I don't think this Star Wars film will be any good". But, I believe it's usually what we need. I tend to work hard for about a year. Staying on schedule, Balancing job, study, workout, play, social, downtime and art around the clock.

Eventually the schedule takes over and getting from one thing to another becomes the task. However, recently I simply... stopped. Stop doing any of it. The last 72 hrs consisted of me playing games, watching movies, eating pizza and staring at seemingly nothing. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a ball of excited energy and production. This isn't the easiest thing for me. Now, I still read because there is so many good reads out there, but it's not research. More like fiction and graphic novels. However, I think this is where I shine the most.

New books I'm taking the time to read.

Yeah, yeah I imagine what your saying "Ok, your just being fat and lazy". Yes. Yes I am. Although, I'm relaxed. I don't worry about the next thing. The Japanese call it Mushin or "No Mind". Used in martial arts, its the practice of living in the moment. Schedules keep me from understanding what is going on in the now. I think to often about how should I do it. Instead of reacting for the now.

Now I'm not going tell you laying around is the best use of your time (Its not). But, during the moments of hiatus I find new ways of doing things and commune with how I feel instead of working for tomorrow's feeling. My stream drawings have always been about reaction and free of technique. In these states I don't feel like an artist or worry of technique. I feel as if I exist with my work and only that. I haven't started using this technique in my day to day because I have no idea how juggle responsibility alongside that.

Unemployed / 2017 - Ink and acrylic on paper

However, when I find that I stop and feel what comes next, my work and I always grow for the better. I make solid choices with ample time to spare. Moreover, I feel better. But, as so does the day so shall this end as well.

These moments are only for a week - month. By the time your reading this I will be stressing making rash decisions again. Walking away, taking a breather and living in the moment is your greatest strength. It is something that I will continue to use and hopefully find a permanent state at all times. If any of you have any experience with this or are feeling this way, sound off in the comments! I talk to you guys later!

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