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Hiatus update

Arts, Letters and Numbers Residency


Long time no hear from me! It's been awhile since I've crawled underground and went incognito. However, it's time to start engaging socially (Because what kind of artist would I be if I didn't engage?!) First some updates. I took some time to take care of myself and understand what it means to work on myself wholly. I spent all of the last two years working multiple jobs, social exhaustion, while working in the studio. Essentially making ends meet, without work coming to end. I really (I seriously can't stress enough) needed to explore some more.

I began to travel to Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Charlotte, New Jersey, Baltimore, New York to experience new galleries and artists from unique backgrounds. Each little place housed it's own particular love for their community. For the first time, I had time to reflect on the breadth of controversial discussion. I began to learn of "Post-Blackness". Black artists that are accepting of their culture and are unabashedly black. I became proud to be black.

Therefore, I've learned to accept myself, however I've taken an existential nihilistic approach to my work while navigating the social-political landscape; adding mythology in for good measure.

Largely, I'm finding the discussion of issues irrelevant to one another. Each problem that exists seems to trump another. Then nothing becomes worth discussing. It may mean something to another but to understand human nature it is less about specified situations and finding the ultimate constant.

It may be morbid but, despair and disinterest are common. I've found in my studies that the warriors I create are manifestations of our psyches battling with external stimuli. In my previous, there works that state and force the same without intention, until further dissection. This has lead me into a new direction, thinking about a selection of pieces as the art piece instead of the one that is in front of me. Therefore I started a new show; day at a time. It's a slow process, through intention. Below are a few W.I.P (Works in progress) that will be included that I'm currently working on at my residency.

Slow, but thankfully enjoyable process.


Even bigger news! I was accepted into two graduate programs and I've decided on one; I'm elated and honored to receive a full fellowship towards my MFA at the 2nd school on this list, beginning this fall Rutgers University (Click Image to read more)!


Ugh... I'm too tired lol. However, I realize this all abrupt endings and such but man I'm looking forward to continuing my career. Not to mention the solo show, a graphic novel and hopefully trying to find a nap somewhere in the middle of this all! I can't wait to hear from you guys and I'll post regularly since I'm back in action.


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