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Cistern was a performance that occurred in the lower east side in Brooklyn, NY. This performance came to during discourse within the studio (Mine and others). Each person chooses what to reveal at their own discretion. A secret of one maybe a public truth to another. I wanted to investigate the exchange of a truth withheld. 

Secrets are a denial of a space. Gaining access into said space gives an ascertained power and can shift social landscapes. Here, I displayed the life and power of a secret. By presenting myself as a container I allowed people to exercise their power in a public space. Anyone in the vicinity could walk up to me and whisper anything they choose as long/many times as they want.

In turn, I opened myself emotionally to have a conversation about said secret or divulge one of my own. Participants were curious and watched reactions trying to discern what had been said.  I did not know many of the participants.

Documentation credited to Young Sun Han

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