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Time for a change

Apparently I'm the only excited one lol


Graduation was a bitch. There I said it. It was a doubled edged sword. Gratification after many long nights and the release of pressure of academia (I think everyone in this picture was just OK with graduating lol). However, what followed was disorientation. I find myself yearning for a class that understands the way I want my work to communicate. The distress isn't from the lack of structure. It's from lack of communication. How can I communicate my message (If I have a message at all)?

"HOW TO" web comic by Sanesparza on WEBTOON

"My work isn't about money, or appeasement of others". What your really saying it has no purpose outside of self satisfaction. The outside world has a hard time with attention (The general populace). If it doesn't seem interesting then they'll get it from elsewhere. Then comes the issue. I feel like I'm competing against entertainment and social media. My goal was never to hold back my work or generate it for only a small demographic. I wanted everyone to enjoy my work. But, just like entertainment there are other problems as well.

Aesthetics. It has to be pretty to gain everyone's attention. Craftsmanship. The work can't just be pleasing visually, It needs to show skill and technique. These are the two basic qualities you need to be an artist. These two usually come first. Also, I shied away from "Beautiful qualities" because I thought they had become a distraction. My work became black and white purely on the basis instead of shape my work became about communication. I felt the structure or the idea of the work would carry the message.

It wasn't. Viewers can tell what is good and what isn't. The viewers understood that this is craft and meaning. Although, many couldn't discern the meanings. Either it was too cryptic or muddled in I would say "self masturbatory" ideas that only professionals or academia understood. I began to have a hard time explaining art to people. I couldn't define what I created. But most things today can communicate with the masses. Comics, graphic design, memes, these are so crude but communicate worlds and even the most seasoned artist gets a chuckle from one of them.

More or less, if I grabbed someone off the street and asked "Would you buy this giant drawing of decapitation that has been valued at 600 USD for only 5.99 or this small painting of a cat stuck in a scarf for 12 valued very little?" Ok, they'd probably buy decapitation for resell... But they'd buy the kitten too. My art needs to communicate on all levels. However doing that means it could become gimmicky.

A happy patron buying two pieces!

Recently I've been thinking of art as an experience and myth surrounding everything, everyday. There needs to be narrative and interaction. Something that holds attention but still has meaning for a skillful eye for art. This could either be the best thing ever or Dollywood. I haven't made anything new because all of my work came from a dark place.

I felt insecure, alone and awkward. In attempts to keep my out of my work, my reactions became about me more than ever. Each piece deals with an insecurity, hence why most people say "These look tortured and not appropriate for all ages. Keep this to Deviantart". I felt I needed to work out my feelings. My art has always been my escape. Hence, why I found ways to talk about my work without talking about my work.

But, I think I'm onto something. I'm wanting to use drawing painting, found objects, prose, clues, social media, narrative all weaved together in a fine oddly built package. I want the work to come off the walls and outside the gallery. Break the form of and learn from other mediums. I began drawing because, I didn't have any money and pencil, paper was always available. Now, I have expendable income and working knowledge of new tools.

In essence, I think it's time to change with the times. I'm bouncing around an idea. So, to change it up further, I want your help. What keeps your attention? Do you have any interesting objects or places that have a veil of interesting surrounding it? How do you see art? What is art to you? Hell, Whats your favorite bit of art (Painting, movie, music)? I'll take all suggestions. I want to make the best experience. Till next time kids!

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