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Commission Process Pt.3

O man this was fun. Finally, I've finished this piece (With a little extra time on the side) a few weeks from the date of this post! I took this picture immediately as I finished and couldn't help but share.

All the colors are finally in there!


Layering the colors wasn't as difficult as I thought they would be. To pick up some of these highlights and really push the depth in places I went over this with colored pencil and and crayon to give some vibrancy. Honestly the photo does this piece no justice!. This looks way better in person, the lighting kind sucks from all angles ( Or my photography skills suck from all angles lol).

Next thing comes the final few steps. Next I will get this matted on white then I'll have it embossed with a signature and certification of authentication. I really enjoyed this from beginning to end. Soon, I'll post better photos of the matte and some other cool things involved. If you guys have a commission idea run it past me! You get quality, affordability and definitely something original.

I'll talk to you guys later, stay frosty!

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