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This feels like Rocket Surgery


Hey guys! As some of you may already know, I go on bouts of meditative silence in the foothills of Tibet with only a hundred incense to aid in my mental contemplation (Something like that). It usually lasts about two weeks of me backing away and cooperating with my work. Coming out of those foothills I had pondered the idea; What if I was approaching my art career incorrectly?

Does the title accurately express the confusion lol? Essentially, it's not understanding how art functions in today's society, that's a different can of worms. It's the options. There are so many options on what to do with art and art related materials. Streaming, daily contests, selling pieces there are so many great things to operate with art. So many in fact it feels there is no wrong method, but there are so many wrong methods.

If you wanted to dedicate your work to showing exclusively in galleries then apply for national competitions and work that network to sell! However, you could also design logos and freelance work on Upwork on a regular basis and never show anything. It's so cool and almost intimidating. Hence finally we came to my realization! What is my career in art about?

If you asked me nine years ago I would've said "Comics and Illustration!". If you asked Six years ago I would reply "Graphic design with drawing commissions on the side". A mere two-three years later "Gallery work is where my work belongs". Today... I'm not actually sure. I seem to be good or at least passable at all of them, although I'm not sold on one completely. Each has their ups and downs and I favor them all. This can't be that difficult to decide, right?

Finding your niche with your art is probably the largest benefit to any working artist today. I would say I need more time to find my place or find my niche. Although the urgency of reality creeping up makes decisiveness... difficult. Maybe I'm asking for to much. Maybe I need to hit up a ton of cities. But regardless my work can't be what it supposed to be with out figuring it out in the first place.

Have any of you guys found your niche? Do you know your placement and how easy was it? Follow me on one of my social sites to follow if I ever figure out my niche!

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