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Commission Process Pt.2

Where I'm at now!


Oh man. Shes starting to look real nice. (Excuse the lighting in the process of moving parts in the studio!) Here I'am a little over half ways! Pencils are usually the most difficult but actually painting the pieces become very tedious. From this point on it's follow the leader and less about finding what I can do to change the piece, but more along the lines of how much did I plan prior. Usually with acrylic or oils changing the work is so easy its almost encouraged!

Thins layers of watercolor with black ink for values

However, watercolors and inks compromise the paper and whatever's there is there. So I started using Dr.Ph Martin's waterproof black ink to establish values (I post images of all materials used in the next post!). Afterwards sloooooooow layers of watercolor were placed over. Then once I was satisfied with results, I came into it with Caran d'Ache Neocolor II watersoluble crayons. Quickly I was able to add layers and dimension to the colors instead of just a flat orange tiger. I threw some crimson and goldenrod for good measure in for some heat to the orange.

Speaking of heat lets talk gold. I gilded a golden halo (because you can never have enough). But, I went even further and added gold acrylic to my clear water supply (Because you can never have enough). although, I can never get a good shot of this. Its extremely subtle glitter underneath all the colors. I think it breathes a bit of life adding a bit of mystery, but I think its an excuse for me to use more gold ;)!

Muh Brushes!

The two brushes I use the most are 1/2 inch Royal & Langnickel Flat brush and for swathes of color I use Princeton "Neptune" series size 10 round brush. Almost done. After this I'll add a few more layers then I move onto colored pencils and we begin to water down some acrylics for some opaque coloring! I'll see you guys next Wednesday with another post!

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