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Art is expensive. It can be ridiculous priced and in some occasions it's not what you want. However people want something special. Something they can have without explaining too much.So in light of purchasing, I’m thinking of selling originals that are affordable to most. The one thing I’ve noticed is price halts most from a purchase.

When price and art is involved sometimes I’ll stop hearing from people altogether. However, I think there needs to be a compromise. There needs to be art that people enjoy, that fills the fine art / illustration side while, being affordable.

A curious imagining. Ergo I’ve started thinking about original sells (and prints). I’m planning to use Instagram to use for sells. I will post a new piece every Saturday of the week. It will be a piece of art that is readily available for purchase through my store rarely priced over a hundred. What do you guys want to see? What is art to you? Is it strictlyfor decoration or is it something more?

Sound off and let me know what you guys think! Also follow me on Instagram at to be able to obtain some work from me!

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