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Commission Process pt. 1

Hey Guys! I wanted to talk to you all about my commission process. Recently, I was tapped for a commission to create something special for a client. Usually I ask " Do you have anything in mind or anything that you have seen and would like to resemble?". Not soon after I get vague answers. "Just something pretty", "I want something special but don't know what I want.".

Or a few of my favorites are "Can you do something not so cartoony?", "Can you get started tomorrow I need it this week?". All of these are legitimate responses I've received. All in all the biggest thing when asking for a commission is knowing what you want and particularly what you'll get from my work. But regardless of what it is, I'll stick it out with you through to the end till you find the right piece that is just for you.

Below, I want to show off the process of a how a commission goes and what to expect! First you're going to get a seriously rough sketch of the culmination of ideas we've done!

This is a color palette and some scribbles!

Then I'll give a bunch of sketches then we'll agree on one , which for her was this one.

Then I'll email you all this jazz and whatever else that relates to the work, then there's some paperwork... (that's not that fun to look at). After I get the green light to start with the sketch then I start laying the foundation!

Highly detailed sketch next, pencil to compare size.

She agreed on a 12 in x 18 in piece, utilizing ink, watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic

I need this nap


Then its time for the REAL fun! After another email of approval from you (You gotta know what I'm doing next don't you?) and green light I start giving the piece the old fashioned layers of depth and really working to define the shapes. Now, the best part of this post is the piece currently is still in process! But, I want to walk you guys through a typical commission goes and what to expect! I'll keep you guys updated on whats to come. If you have any question, don't be afraid let me know over in my contact page or here on this thread.

As always, hope to hear from you guys soon!

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