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I need your support.


Hey, guys! I've created a Patreon so that I may receive some support for my work. Recently I have fallen on harder times with my work. Finances are difficult requiring me take on another part-time job search. This meaning my work has not gotten enough time to itself (Let alone grad school and exhibition applications) Any and all support is appreciated.

If you don't know about Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to my work every month and get artwork from me personally!

This will give me financial and emotional support as well ( even if it is leaving a few encouraging words on Instagram). I'm offering different rewards gifts for patrons! Including but not limited to signed prints and including full commission work from me! I will create a sponsor page for the few of you that have helped me along!

You will receive my gratitude and I will give you shout outs through out the week on my social media. To check it out go here . Remember I need your help (Don't be afraid to tell me what you would like to see for my next piece) and thanks for your support!

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