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6x6x2016 Gallery Show


Hello, all! Updating on some news! I have entered four pieces in "6x6x2016" show in Rochester, New York. It's a beautiful show with many entries, from celebrities to new talent. Every piece of art is for sale for only 20! But, the pieces are anonymously sold and a name will not be given unless purchased! If you would love to own some work but can't make it, I've provided an established link to purchase the work and view them online as follows!

(This is where should click to see the online gallery)

I'm proud to have my work here! Try to find my work! I will not show the work until after the gallery showing! You all enjoy and keep making work Below I've placed some photos of last years 6x6 show for viewing pleasure.


(P.S I've updated this post to display the pieces I entered. Sadly no takers.)

Title (Left to Right "Ooh ooh-ah!", "Chitter Skit", "Aaaaah!", "Nom-Nom" unified title "Jungle Anthology".

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