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Student Honor Show 2016

Hello! If you are in town There is the "Student Honor Show" Jurored by the Asheville Museum's own Carolyn Grosch! This is a large body of work exhibited by to showcase the talent ETSU has. I even snuvk one of my own pieces in! Which I post in due time. As always it's an honor to be in such a show and congratulations on the award winners (Reception and award ceremony is April 28, 2016.) For more information there is a link below!

(This is where you should click for more info!)


Coincidentally there is a major event happening on Ball Hall this day! "Rock The Ball Hall!" Will take place. The entire building is full of art hanging and decorating the walls of all techniques, mediums and disciplines...Yet again I have another piece here as well! It is completely different than my current bodies of work. Come for the food, stay for the Art! (It's all Free!).

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