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Successful Solo Show!


My solo show was a success. Thank you everyone! I appreciate the help from the close friends whom helped install the show and paint the space in such a small amount of time. I appreciate my mentors whom helped in the process from the first piece to current. There were many friends and family that arrived to support my work. Below there are views of the space, and the all the fun that has ensued!

If you are upset that you were not able to make the show there will be later shows in the future. At the moment I am currently working on a new body of work and will be entering in a few more group shows in the near future. There are a limited series of prints I will be offering and of course I will continue making

To keep in touch of the specifics, contact me here or follow me on Twitter @jadamsdesigns05 . Thank you all for the support and I'll keep in touch! (Here is shots of the show minus the crowd!)


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